Straight A Cakes
By Alexa

About me

I am 21 years old and I've been making cakes for about 6 years. I've loved working with food ever since I was 9. I started making breakfast, my specialty was cheesy scrambled eggs. Then I started making my own lunch and dinner for my family. I took cake decorating classes through Michaels, and at Le Cordon Bleu, but I get most of my techniques and inspiration by watching Cake Boss and Food Network shows. I worked at Caputo's and Mariano's decorating cakes. I graduated from Kendall College in Spring 2014 with a Associates in Baking and Pastry. I will be going to Johnson and Wales for my Bachelors. All of my cakes include fondant. People might tell you that it tastes bad but I make mine from scratch and it taste amazing, even on its own! If you don't know what fondant is mine is a recipe that consists of marshmallow and powdered sugar. It has a consistency of play dough and it's delicious! I also make my cakes and frostings from recipes, no store bought box mixes. Another great tasting decorating item I use is chocolate. \

                                                                     FCCLA Fondant Cake Competition won
Me and Buddy from Cake Boss!                   Gold and Most Outstanding and an $18k scholarship from Kendall College!                                                  


12th Annual Illinois Prostart Invitational held at Kendall College Feb 25, 2012

My first traditional wedding cake made just weeks before starting school at Kendall.  This was designed to resemble the bride's dress and was a delicious tiramisu flavor.  The five tiers were just under 36 inches and it weighed over 52 lbs.  Thanks Sarah for the opportunity.  It was a beautiful September wedding 2012.

2013 Illinois Prostart Invitational held at Kendall College Feb 23, 2013.  From initial sketch to finished edible art.
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